Bitcoin ATM

An ATM with the highest levels of security and technology:
Standard ATM transactions along with crypto currency transactions

Bitcoin ATM program includes:


Bancare owns the equipment and is fully responsible for keeping everything running smoothly for you and your customers. We take care of all service, all hardware, all software, and all compliance and regulatory upgrade needs.

We provide the needed software and software maintenance. We will keep all software upgraded with all necessary updates and patches to keep all of our equipment in compliance.

We can provide all of the necessary ATM and crypto currency transactions, processing, reporting, electronic journals, transaction details, cash levels, etc.

We provide wireless modem communications to our processor that gives constant monitoring capabilities. This helps us to maintain the highest uptime standards in the industry.

We provide cash management tools that help us reduce cash expenses and eliminate unecessary armored expenses and service calls.

We provide first and second line services and maintenance that enable our equipment to run at peak performance so that your customer’s needs are met.

Our program allows you to upgrade the equipment with no penalties. This enables you to use the equipment you need now and upgrade it to the equipment you want, when you want. 

We take care of all expenses to keep our Bitcoin ATMs up to current federal regulations and maintain all compliance mandates. No cost to you.

Bancare Bitcoin ATM Advantages:


  • Own the equipment
  • Own the software
  • Provide the transaction processing
  • Provide the communications
  • Maintain and service


  • Provide a small floor space
  • Provide an electrical outlet
  • Receive income from surcharge revenue
  • Receive income from crypto currency transactions



Cash dispensing ATMs that also perform crypto currency transactions (buy, sell, transfer). Defining the latest technology in the industry.

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