eBranch eQuipment

Enjoy the latest equipment and technology without the responsibility of ownership


eBranch eQuipment is "economical"

We own the equipment and cover all hardware, software, service, and upgrade expenses. Your low monthly “branding fee” does not fluctuate with hardware or software failures or changes.

eBranch eQuipment is "efficient"

Save time and money by having us take over all of the necessary functions involving your ATMs, ITMs or TCRs. We monitor our equipment so that you can enjoy some of the highest uptimes in the industry.

eBranch eQuipment is "easy"

We take care of all necessities involving transaction processing, monitoring, service calls, hardware and software needs, so that your employees can focus on what they do best…banking.

 Enjoy these eBranch eQuipment benefits today: 


“The new ATMs are perfect and customers love them. Your program made it easy.”

Pays for it self

“This program pays for it self very quickly. Thank you for your great service”

Costs savings

“We were spending so much money on upgrades… Not anymore. Thank you!”

Footprint expansion

“Great way to expand our ATM footprint into other markets and keep our expenses down.”

Hassle free

“So simple and hassle-free!”

eBranch eQuipment Program

Choose what works best for you-

Fully outsource and managed, or from any combinations of the options below:

Choosing new equipment has never been easier. ATMs, ITMs and TCRs are ready to be placed where you need them. We continue to own the equipment and place it where you need it. We are fully responsible for the equipment and for keeping everything running smoothly for you and your customers. We take care of all service, all hardware, all software, and all compliance and regulatory upgrade needs.

We provide the needed software, and the software maintenance, that is needed to keep the equipment operating with the latest security and hot fixes that are available.. We will keep all the equipment in compliance with regulation changes and compliance needs.

You have the option of having us provide all of the necessary ATM transaction processing, reporting, electronic journals, transaction details, etc.. or you can continue to provide this necessary functionality for the equipment. You also have the option of having us manage the relationship with your processor, for this equipment, for you. We are very flexible and we will work out a program that fits your needs.

We can provide wireless modem communications to our processor that gives constant monitoring capabilities. This helps us to maintain the highest uptime standards in the industry and providing excellent service for your cardholders. Or, we can work with the communication that you all ready have in place.

We provide cash management tools that help reduce your cash expenses and eliminate unecessary armored expenses and service calls.

We provide all needed services, parts, and software along with scheduled maintenance to keep our equipment running at peak performance. Your monthly bill does not change no matter what we need to do to keep the equipment running properly.

Our program allows you to upgrade the equipment with no penalties. This enables you to use the equipment you need now and upgrade it to the equipment you need, when you want.

We take care of all expenses to keep our equipment up to current federal regulations and maintain all compliance mandates. No cost to you.


ITM’s provide a full, customizable set of transactions that can be integrated with your ATM network as well as your banking core provider. ITMs can be fully self-service or teller assisted service, based on your customization.


ATMs to fit all of your ATM needs. Plus, ATMs that are upgradeable to ITMs. Perfect way to start with what you need and upgrade to what you want when you are ready.

Retail ATMs

Cash withdrawals, account transfers, and balance inquiries. Quickly adds self service options for your customers.


Cash dispensing ATMs that also perform crypto currency transactions (buy, sell, transfer). Defining the latest technology in the financial industry.

Cash Recylers

Provide your employees a safe way of receiving cash, balancing, buying, and selling.  TCRs will keep all cash transactions safe in the vault and reduce, or eliminate, theft potential.

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