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From standard ATM functionality to full branch design, branch remodeling, and branch transformation projects, we provide solutions for not only how your branch looks, but also the equipment to help it run more efficiently and effectively.

Small footprint Cash Recycling ATMs

ATMs to perform different types of functionality that enables your customer to conduct a broad range of ATM transactions. ATMs that are upgradeable to ITMs make it possible to upgrade when you are ready. From small retail ATMs to full deposit and cash checking ATMs, we have the ATM that will fit your needs and your budget.


Cash Recycling Drive up ITMs

Drive up ITMs, or Integrated Teller Machines provide the services of a teller 24/7 along with cash recycling. With integration to your banking core, and/or network, a cardholder has the freedom of accessing all of their accounts, cashing a check to the penny, and receiving teller assistance during your business if needed.


Cash Recycling Lobby ITMs

ITMs, or Integrated Teller Machines, with the innovation of banking core integration and/or ATM processor integration, allows these ITMs to provide a self service solution for all of your customers and the majority of their banking needs. From cashing a check to the penny or making a payment on a loan, these units are ready.


Cash Recycling ATMs

Cash Recycling ATMs allow your customer to make large cash and check deposits as well as a broad range of ATM transactions. This small footprint ATM, also includes a cash recycler. Cash Recycling will reduce your cash, and cash management expenses, while providing a  first class customer self-service banking experience.


Teller Cash Recylers (TCR)

Benefits: Transaction time reduced by 70-80%. Balancing and setup time reduced by 90%. Vault transaction times reduced by 70-80%. Reduce the average daily branch cad level by over $50,000. Eliminate need for dual control to the vault. Reduce your cash exposure and liability. No longer have need for teller drawers and liability.


Bitcoin ATMs

This small footprint, ATM also performs crypto currency transactions such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, A customer can perform all the standard ATM transactions as well as buy and sell crypto currencies. This is a great opportunity to provide your customers with additional products and extend marketing to a new customer base.


How can you use branch transformation in your branch? Short videos of success stories below:

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