We are Bancare.
You can bank on us — and here’s why:

We know banking

Bancare has been helping banks and other financial institutions be better since 1972. Because we’ve been supplying and constructing financial businesses for almost 50 years, we know how the banking industry works and what’s important to you and your business. We understand that your needs and specifications cannot be compromised. Your solutions need to be specific and exact. While our competition might not get that — we do.

We minimizing your bottom line

Bancare is always striving to keep our efforts streamlined and efficient, and as a result, as low in costs as possible for you. Whether we are providing equipment options, service maintenance options, facility maintenance, or construction bids we do it having your financial return on investment as our main interests. 

Our experience

Our certified service technicians have more than 60 years of combined experience in the financial equipment and service industry. Bancare continually invests in ongoing training and certification for our technicians, so that they are always properly prepared to service and maintain your equipment. Your service needs are handled quickly, efficiently, and professionally, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You need it — We’ve got it

Bancare offers the largest variety of banking equipment in North America. If your bank or financial institution needs something, chances are great that we’ve got it — and if not, we’ll get it.

We earn your trust

Since 1972, the banking and financial industry has consistently looked to Bancare to fulfill its equipment and construction needs. Thanks to our high level of quality and our commitment to you and your business, you’ve come to trust us. Many of client relationships have lasted for decades, and serve as a testament to our sales and service

In return, we thank you for your repeat business and loyalty to our brand. We appreciate that you recognize us as a trusted source for all of your banking industry products and services.

Our construction team

Construction is now our largest income generating service — and we don’t take that lightly. We’re proud to have carved out the construction niche, and we’ve done so by offering you the finest constructions services available. The financial industry has recognized our quality, and we will  continue to provide the  highest standards for our customers.

Your project is important

Big or small — we do it all. Bancare addresses challenges of all types and sizes. Whether you are upgrading a single location or creating a new branch office, we offer the latest equipment and CAD-rendered system designs customized to fit your needs.

You get it when you need it

We know that your equipment is one of the foundations of your business. As such, we promise to have any equipment you order delivered to you when you need it — and sooner, if at all possible. Getting your equipment to you quickly is just one of the ways Bancare shows just how important your business is to us.

Personal service and individual attention

Our clients aren’t just numbers to us. Bancare sees not only banks and financial institutions, but also individuals — human beings with problems that need to be solved. When you work with Bancare, a representative will be assigned to serve as your partner and point person. Your Bancare professional takes the time to learn about your organization and its requirements, in order to recommend the best solutions for your needs, your timeline, and your budget. This way, you’ll always have specific person you can turn to when you have questions or need support..

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For nearly 50 years, Bancare has been providing the financial community with the best equipment, construction, and service available within the industry. We take your financial business as seriously as we take our own business — and it shows.

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