More than equipment sales and service

The breadth of our services may surprise you—far beyond equipment sales and service. Not only can we provide and repair the state-of-the-art equipment you need to safeguard your assets, we offer full-service Construction capabilities as well.



  • Design of electrical, alarm, and drive-up systems
  • General building schematics
  • Construction site preparation for upgrades or equipment retrofits
  • Computerized interface for tracking quotations, contracts, and accounting
  • Full CAD service
  • Comprehensive architectural interface
  • Annual equipment maintenance agreements
  • Fixed price service contracts
  • Comprehensive emergency services
  • Turnkey solutions

Vault Maintenance

  • Vault door and safe deposit box cleaning
  • Time clock maintenance
  • Safe deposit box drilling
  • Safe deposit box key duplicating
  • Combination changes
  • Safe deposit lock rotation
  • Cut and stamp new keys
  • Antique vault door maintenance and repair
Whatever your need—whether upgrading to the next generation of technology, repairing existing equipment, improving the security of your facility, or building an entirely new branch location—Bancare is qualified and ready to serve you and your financial institution.