Banking depends on equipment & technology

Equipment and technology are the backbone of today’s banking industry. Without these innovations, your financial institution cannot provide the service and products savvy customers expect.

Financial institutions trust Bancare to deliver the best

Since 1972, Bancare has been supplying the Midwest’s financial community with the latest in equipment and equipment services. We address challenges of all sizes and types, from critical projects to enterprise-wide operations. We offer:

Bancare_arrow_bullet Equipment sales Bancare_arrow_bullet Design of electrical, alarm, and drive-up systems
Bancare_arrow_bullet Installation of equipment and systems Bancare_arrow_bullet  General building schematics
Bancare_arrow_bullet Construction site preparation for upgrades or equipment retrofits Bancare_arrow_bullet In-house ETL-approved design and manufacturing facilities when OEM equipment is unavailable or impractical
Bancare_arrow_bullet … and a host of other products and services to keep your institution safe, secure, and efficient


Whether you need to update an existing facility or are breaking ground for a branch office, our team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals can guide you through the entire process.


Featured Products


Bancare provides an extensive range of alarm products including intruder alarms, access control, and fire alarms.


ATM buildings and accessories

Bancare offers a full line of ATM buildings and accessories for walk-up and drive-up situations.


Bancare has a complete line of financial and retail ATMs, and we offer first and second line service on all brands of ATMs.


Bullet Resistive Glass

Bancare offers and installs bullet resistive glass for virtually any application.

Drive-Up Systems

From custom design to standard configuration, Bancare has all you need for an efficient, responsive drive-up.


Entrance Control Systems

Bancare sources and installs powerful systems for entrance control.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We build the safe deposit boxes you need. Custom. Modular. Stainless steel.



Bancare provides custom and stock safes for banks, government, jewelers, pharmaceutical companies, and more.

Teller Security Lockers

Bancare fabricates security lockers in all sizes, shapes, and finishes.


Under-Counter Equipment

Bancare designs cash handling pedestal systems to meet your standards for security and aesthetics.


Bancare offers vaults and vault doors to fit any space and meet your particular requirements.


Video Surveillance Systems

You can count on Bancare for video solutions that provide visibility everywhere you need it, all the time.